Kids Candy Buffets and Lego Bricks

Candy buffets for children’s birthday parties are a fabulous idea.  Kids love candy and its really easy to theme candy buffets.  Candy comes in all variety of colors which allows you to match a candy buffet to really any theme.  Another cool thing about candy buffets is that their is often candy that fits in perfectly with a children’s themed party.

For example an Angry Birds themed party.  Would be accompanied nicely by Angry Birds Gummies.

Angry Birds Gummies

Or maybe your throwing a Star Wars themed party.

Star Wars Pez

In which case you could go with the Star Wars PEZ.  PEZ is a great party favor or buffet item because they are individually wrapped and you do not have to worry about serving pieces.

Pez can also be removed from their packaging and displayed along with the rest of the candy.

Pez Candy Buffet


Another increasingly popular candy that has been highly requested lately are Lego Brick Candy.

You’ll never have to tell the kids to clean up their mess when they play with these candy building blocks. These crunchy candies come in a variety of sizes and colors to make lots of different creations. Flavors include raspberry, banana, cherry, and lime. Crunchy candies shaped like building blocks. You and your kids can build whatever your imaginations dream up with these candy building blocks.


Lego Candy Bricks

Lego Candy


Kids Candy Buffet


Hope this gives you some inspiration and new ideas for making your own Kids Candy Buffet.